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Perfect school is perfect?

#10 & #12 are my favorites

Important: EA application deadline extension

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy we are extending our Early Action deadline past November 1st. We will extend our Early Application deadline for those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy (aka “Frankenstorm”). As we are still unsure how long and how severely this storm may impact different areas of the country, we will allow affected students to submit their Early Action applications, including your Common Application and Supplement, when it is feasible to do so after November 1. Please rest assured that if you are adversely affected by the storm we will happily receive your materials after November 1 with no penalty to you.

Note: this is updated from our earlier statement as the storm appears to be more severe than expected in many areas. For those affected: stay safe, and submit your application when it is possible to do so, even if after November 1. 


Backstage at ViewChicago. Watch it now!

Backstage at ViewChicago. Watch it now!